How do I upgrade to a new version of the Floating License Manager?

To upgrade to the latest version of the Geneious Floating License Manager (FLM, current version 2.1.3), you must firstly uninstall your previous version.  Note that you must be using Geneious Prime 2019.2.2 or above in order to be able to use the FLM version 2.1.3. 

Instructions for upgrading to the new FLM are as follows:

1. Make sure you have your floating license key details on hand.

2. On the computer where you are hosting the FLM, download the new Geneious Floating license manager installer via this link

3. Ensure the standard http port 80 is open on the FLM computer and your institutional external firewall to allow traffic to our license server at 

4. Run the uninstall program/script found in the Floating license manager install directory:


"C:\Program Files\Geneious Floating License Manager\uninstall.exe"

Linux:   (via the command line)

sudo sh /opt/GeneiousFloatingLicenseManager/uninstall


"/Applications/Geneious Floating License Manager/Geneious Floating License Manager Uninstaller"

5. Run the new floating license manager installer. Enter your license key when requested.

6. Once the new FLM is installed, port 80 may be closed on your external firewall.  

Note that TCP ports 27001 and 49630 must be open on the FLM computer and any client computers in order for Geneious to connect to the FLM.  These are the default ports. If you previous specified alternate custom ports during FLM installation then make sure the custom TCP ports are open.



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