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Can I set the ploidy of the data?


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  • Abhi Rath

    Hi Helen,

    I have been using GENEIOUS for MSI calling for quite some time now (a year or so) and I still could not figure out how to make it recognize heterozygous alteration where the data still retains the WT copy but the other allele is altered....even if I adjust the expected peak to 2 because of diploid cells. It creates an extra column but does not show anything. Ideally, GENEIOUS should recognize the normal allele and the altered allele....but it does not. So, what it has come down to that we have to analyze each and every peak manually....just to make sure that there was a heterzoygous change for a certain marker but GENEIOUS did not pick it up and called the marker length to be WT.

    So, any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks much,



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