What is the Geneious Floating License Manager?

A floating license can be used with unlimited installations of Geneious Prime.  The number of Geneious Prime clients that can run unrestricted is limited by the number of "seats" specified for the license.  For example, a five seat floating license will allow 5 simultaneous users to run Geneious Prime unrestricted.

Floating licenses require the installation and use of the Geneious Floating License Manager (FLM) software on a single computer located on the same local network as your Geneious Prime installations.

A floating license can be used to activate a single installation of the FLM.

The FLM is a FLEXnet license server.  A link to the installer for the FLM software will be sent to you at the time you receive your license. You can also download the FLM software from here.

The FLM software needs to be installed on a computer on your local network with a fixed IP address/host name that is always turned on (with sleep or power saving features disabled), with the appropriate firewall ports (by default 27001 and 49630) opened to enable the Geneious Prime client machines on the same local network to access it.

If you wish to connect to the FLM from outside the local network then set up the FLM computer to be accessible via a VPN.

Connecting to the FLM from Geneious Prime

All Geneious Prime clients can activate by going menu Help - Activate license, and using the option Use floating license server. Set the appropriate Server: host name or fixed IP address to allow the software to contact the FLM to obtain a "seat" and activate.

If all available "seats" are in use then Geneious Prime will inform you that you are in queue for a seat.  You can continue to use the features that don't require a license. Geneious Prime will automatically activate as soon as a seat becomes available.

All Geneious Prime clients connected to the FLM should be quit when not in use. This will return the "seat" to the FLM so that it is available for use by other Geneious Prime clients.


If you purchase a floating license and it is sent to you as a text file, and you do not receive a link to the floating license manager software, then you have been issued a peer-to-peer license that is activated directly in Geneious Prime using the option Use license key.

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