How do I move Geneious Prime to another computer?

We recommend doing a fresh installation of Geneious Prime on your new computer, rather than migrating the software across.  This will ensure the licensing component of Geneious is set up correctly on your new computer.  Installers are available from our Downloads and Previous Versions pages.  The first time you run Geneious on your new computer you will need to activate your license again.  

The Geneious database is stored separately from the Geneious application so to transfer your data you will need to move the database folder.  The database is typically found in the User’s home directory in a folder called Geneious X.Y Data (where X.Y denotes the Geneious version).  The safest way to transfer your Geneious database to another computer is to make a backup of your database using the Backup function in Geneious, then restore the database from the backup on the new machine.  Alternatively, you can copy the Geneious data folder to the new computer and then set the data storage location to this folder in the Geneious Preferences.  However you must make sure the entire folder, including all hidden subfolders, is copied otherwise your database will become corrupted (Windows explorer may truncate file paths longer than 256 bytes, which will corrupt your database).

If you are no longer going to use Geneious on your old machine you should also release the license from this machine. This can be done by opening Geneious on your old computer and going to Help->Release License. Note that there are a limited number of releases available within a given period of time and trying to release too often may be misconstrued as a user trying to share a personal license with others. Only release a license when absolutely necessary.


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