What is Geneious Prime?

The desktop software Geneious has been renamed to Geneious Prime.  The latest release (Nov 2018) will be called Geneious Prime 2019 instead of Geneious R12.  

We decided to rename Geneious because Geneious now represents more than one product. It represents a high quality customer experience that applies to other software solutions, such as Geneious Biologics. We had to give Geneious Prime its own identity so the name Geneious would be free to encompass a whole brand rather than a single tool.

“Prime” was chosen as it represents a high standard, the top choice for scientists around the world and the fact that this was the first tool we released over 10 years ago.

The new Geneious Prime name will not affect the software's functionality or the way the licensing works. If you have a valid subscription license, or a Prime 2019 Perpetual license, you can use Geneious Prime 2019.  

For further information, see Geneious Prime Renaming.

The Geneious Support Site will include help for Geneious Prime 2019 as well as earlier versions of Geneious.  


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