Discontinuation of the Geneious Collaboration Tool

As of April 10, 2018 we have discontinued the Geneious Collaboration tool.

For Geneious versions R6 and earlier this tool was bundled with Geneious.  For R7 and later the Collaboration tool was provided as a plugin.  Users who have the collaboration plugin installed will be prompted to update the plugin after April 10, 2018.  This will install a disabled version of the plugin which users can then delete via the Plugins menu.  

Users on Geneious versions earlier than R7, or those that do not delete the plugin, will be shown a "Connection Failed" message if they attempt to use it.

Collaboration tool users who wish to continue to share data with other users from within Geneious should consider setting up an SQL-based Shared database (See Geneious Manual chapter 20) or purchasing our Geneious Server database product. 



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