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How to search and filter in Geneious Prime



  • Dylan Maddox

    I like the new search function when I'm trying to find something I've lost, but it kills the ability to filter files quickly in a particular folder, which is the main reason I use the search bar. Previously, one could limit the files visible by simply entering a search term. The new search provides the search results in a new window that you can interact with if you select the advanced options (why this is an advanced option, I don't have any idea) but the search takes 20-30 seconds to find the names of 3 files in a folder of 10 files. 

  • Richard Moir

    Thanks for the feedback Dylan, we have been working on optimizing the speed of simple filters for 2020.2.3 which is due out soon. Please update when that comes out and you'll hopefully see an improvement.

    We acknowledge that the new search design is not as good for filtering in a folder. We will continue working on improvements to hopefully get the best of both worlds.

  • Niloofar Vaghefi

    I agree with Dylan. The ability to filter quickly and in real time, which I used to implement very often, is now killed. I have the 2020.2.3 version now and still cannot use the search box for filtering as I used to. I now just sort everything by name and do a search by eye, which is much much faster than the search function. Is it possible to have the Filter function back?


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