Issues on MacOS Big Sur

UPDATE: This issue is fixed in Geneious Prime 2021.1.1 onwards. 


Due to changes in MacOS Big Sur, some users of Geneious are currently experiencing issues where Geneious may crash after their computer is restarted. This may crash silently on some systems without error, but other users are seeing the following error message when this crash occurs:


Users may then find that Geneious will not reopen after this crash.

The workaround for this issue on Geneious Prime 2021.0 and earlier is to reinstall Geneious every time that your computer is restarted. This should allow Geneious to reopen, but you may find that it crashes again when your computer is later restarted.  

Users on subscription licenses should update to Geneious Prime 2021.1 to fix this issue. 

Users experiencing issues with licensing on Big Sur with versions R9-R11, can find a link to the licensing patch for these versions here. Other general information about using Geneious on Big Sur can also be found here.

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