InterProScan plugin not currently working

Update July 6th:  A new version of the Interproscan plugin is now available.  To install it, go to Tools->Plugins and click "Check for plugin updates now". 

Note the new plugin is compatible with Geneious Prime 2019 onwards on Windows and Linux, and Geneious Prime 2021.1.1 onwards on MacOS.


Due to configuration changes on the EMBL-EBI end the InterProScan plugin for Geneious Prime is not currently working.  The author of the plugin is working to resolve this issue.  

In the meantime we suggest running your InterProScan search directly from on EMBL-EBI server by going to  Results can be downloaded in GFF format for import into Geneious. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes. 

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    Danielle Peters

    Has the author given a time estimate for a resolution? The manual approach is significantly more time consuming.

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    Hilary Miller

    The new version of the plugin is currently in testing. We will update the post here when it is released.