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Flye Plugin wrapper error


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    Jonas Kuhn

    Hi Paolo, apologies for the late reply to your post.

    Are you still facing this problem? Would you be able to let us know a few more details to help you out better:

    * The actual error message at the top is cut off, it would be helpful what that actually says. (You can `Contact Support` and include logs after you encounter this error, which will include that exception and some other possibly useful information)
    * Are you trying to create a wrapper plugin that 'wraps' around the Geneious Flye.gplugin? That will not work because it is not an executable itself; you would need to use e.g. and provide that as the executable to wrap around. (Also: Flye.gplugin is already a wrapper-plugin itself doing exactly that 😅)
    * If you need to extend the functionality that the existing Flye gplugin provides we would be interested to knowing what functionality that is and we might consider adding it to the plugin

    Regards, Jonas

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