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Handling of returned MrBayes files



  • Richard Moir

    Hi Mark,

    I don't see any of the usual MrBayes output files in your list there. Usually there are .mcmc, .p and .t  files. STDOUT looks quite big, is there anything in there? Check that MrBayes actually ran to completion correctly if you can.

  • Mark Miller

    Yes, successful files include .t, .p, and .mcmc. There are also tree files, which include .trprobs and .con,  checkpoint file for restart .ckp and these:






  • Richard Moir

    The files that contain trees can be imported using NexusImporter from Jebl easily enough, the other files are trickier. Our MrBayes plugin uses Tracer ( to do all the visualization which is bundled with the plugin. We parse this data out of the .p file and store it in xml then pass it to Tracer. Unfortunately all of this is internal to our plugin so you can't access it from yours.



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