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Compiling plugins with java 6?

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Geneious User:

I have Mac OS Lion and as far as I know the only Java platform available for it is Java 1.6. So far its working fine for plugin development but I wonder if I can distribute a plugin compiled against Java 1.6 or if I need to use java 1.5.

Geneious Support:

Hi Mike,

I'm actually in the same situation and the good news is we're going to drop Java 5 soon. However, there is a command line arg (target="1.5" which you should see in our ant scripts) to tell Java 6 to compile Java 5 compatible code.

If you want to test a build, I have a Leopard machine I can test on.


Geneious User:

Now that you mention it, I have a Leopard machine to test on too. Moving to Java 6 or 7 would be good. I wonder if that opens up the possibility of using JavaFX in plugins.
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