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Error from Vector NTI parser in multiple sequence GenBank File



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    Jonas Kuhn

    Hi James, 

    you're right, some mixes of VNTI & Genbank style gb files can cause problems.
    I'm afraid that with how your particular file looks like it would not be safe to add VNTI Comments into all sequences, because if those comment blocks are not complete or contain duplicate data the parser might not work properly.

    It will work more reliably to remove any line that starts with either of these:

    COMMENT     Vector_NTI_Display_Data[...]
    COMMENT     VNTI[...]


    Also, if the first sequence has a FEATURE section (and no COMMENT VNTI), it should recognise it as non-VNTI Genbank format and import it correctly.

    Hope that helps.

  • James Morris

    Great I'll give stripping out those VNTI lines before loading a go.

    Thanks very much for your help Jonas


  • James Morris


    I have got a couple of follow up questions related to the VNTI comments that I hope you can help me with.

    1) Are you planning a fix that will allow files containing a mix of VNTI and non VNTI sequences to be parsed by Geneious?

    2) What do you use the VNTI comments for when you parse a VNTI file?

    3) What would be the consequence of removing all the VNTI comments from a file? Is there any information or functionality that would be lost once it is loaded in Geneious?

    Thanks very much,


  • Jonas Kuhn

    Hi James,

    Could you let us know where you got your VNTI and Genbank  files from? The two examples that you gave both look like they're incomplete / some elements are missing that we would assume should be present in all VNTI or non-VNTI files. 
    (Feel free to contact our support team ( with more details and some full files if you don't want to upload them into the forum)

    If VNTI & non-VNTI files are 'complete' according to what we have observed in the past, then sequence mixes should be processed properly.

    The latest version of Geneious only parses the information present in

    COMMENT     VNTI[...]

    and sets those as metadata on the imported sequences. These might contain some user defined fields (VNTUDF) and a few pre-defined fields (Author, Dates, Address, ...).

    Removing those comments will remove that metadata, but otherwise the results should be the same.


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