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Update recommended primers in Sequence View


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    Jonas Kuhn


    yes, that should be possible. You can get all the primers from a SequenceDocument by calling


    You can then check the criteria of each individual annotation via their qualifier value and set the recommendation as a qualifier, e.g. to check the Tm, call:

    String tm = annotation.getQualifierValue("Tm");
    if (updateRecommendation(tm)) {
    annotation.setQualifier("Recommendation", "You can safely use this primer")


    In order to save the annotation on the document, you will have to save the annotations back onto the document, which is possible if the sequence document is an instance of  EditableSequenceDocument or SequenceDocumentWithEditableAnnotations (most of the default document types in Geneious are, but best to check with an instanceOf call).

    Hope that helps!

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