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Is it possible to programmatically set columns in annotations tables?



  • Matthew Cheung

    Hi Jeff,

    Sorry there is no good way to control the columns there programatically.  Users will need to set up the displayed columns individually.

    You could write your own custom DocumentViewer, but we it might be a bit tricky since you normally define them as working on particular document types.  So you might end up showing it more often than you'd want.  

    If you don't need the information in the actual annotations, then another thing you could consider is DocumentNotes (called Meta-Data in the UI), see

  • Kriper Flag

    If such functionality is not available directly through the plugin’s results, and the software does not provide a way to manipulate the UI in this manner, then creating a custom DocumentViewer or extending the existing one might indeed be the path forward. This would involve programming a new component or modifying the existing one to meet your specific needs, which would likely require a good understanding of the software’s architecture and possibly its source code.


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