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How to suppress version number suffix in document name



  • Informatiemanagement

    To be more precise: actually with AB1 files I do NOT get this unwanted suffix, presumably because I use List<AnnotatedPluginDocument> apds = PluginUtilities.importDocuments(f, null); to import the documents.

    But when importing fasta document I do get the suffix, presumably because I do the importing "myself":

    sequence = new DefaultNucleotideSequence(fasta.getHeader(), null, fasta.getSequence(), date);
    apd = createAnnotatedPluginDocument(sequence);

  • Richard Moir

    Try the following instead of setFieldValue() and let me know if it works:

  • Informatiemanagement

    Hi Richard,

    I did already, but it didn't. However, what does work is:

    DocumentUtilities.addGenerated documents in stead of returning the document from the performOperation method of DocumentOperation.


    To the point where I now simply always return null in performOperation and call DocumentUtilities.addGenerated. This will also make the documents appear in the Swing UIand not add the suffix



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