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"Error whilst reading memory file" when clicking OK or Apply in Preferences tabs



  • Informatiemanagement

    In fact even that does not work. I am confronted with an evil choice of either always seeing the last, updated value in the Preferences panel, but then not able to retrieve the correct value using Option.getValue(). Or getting the correct value using Option.getValue(), but then seeing the value stubbornly return to its initial value in the Preferences tab. This has been rather a fight with the API.

  • Jessica

    I'm the developer who Peter consulted on your support request.

    To be totally clear, this is happening in a subclass of PluginPreferences that you've written, not in an Options dialog from running a DocumentOperation subclass (or SequenceAnnotationGenerator, etc.)?

    I suspect the "Unable to determine max memory...Error whilst reading memory file" warning isn't actually the cause of the symptoms you're observing, but it might be related (I'm not sure how, but both symptoms are weird, so it seems likely). That particular message is logged, but the method where panel preferences are saved soldiers on anyway. 

    However, it's hard for me to tell what could be causing your preferences to fail to apply. Are you also getting a message along the lines of "Error in [plugin tab label]"? 

    It would be helpful if you could open a new support request (please mention me if you do). I'd like to have a build of your plugin (as a .gplugin file) so I can install it and see where exactly it's returning early when applying preferences.

  • Informatiemanagement

    Hello Jessica,


    Sorry, was on another project for a few days. OK, I will create a new support request. But yes, it happens when doing any action in our tab in the Tools -> Preferences page. The PluginPreference subclass doesn't do much, but the creatOptions method returns an Options subclass which might be the culprit. Here is its github URL:


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