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API access to primer3 calculations


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  • Richard Moir

    Here's a method you can copy which calls our primer3 plugin:

    * Calls the same operation as "Characteristics for Selection..." to calculate Tm using primer3
    * @param sequence
    * @return the melting temperature or -1 if the sequence is empty
    * @throws DocumentOperationException e.g. if sequence is too long for primer3 (over 36bp)
    private static double calculateMeltingTemperature(CharSequence sequence) throws DocumentOperationException {
    if (sequence == null || sequence.length() == 0) return -1;
    if (sequence.length() > 36) throw new DocumentOperationException("Sequence too long for primer3");

    SequenceAnnotationGenerator generator = PluginUtilities.getSequenceAnnotationGenerator("com.biomatters.plugins.primerDesign.CharacteristicsAnnotationGenerator");
    if (generator == null) throw new DocumentOperationException("The primer design plugin is not enabled.");

    AnnotatedPluginDocument apdDoc = DocumentUtilities.createAnnotatedPluginDocument(new DefaultNucleotideSequence("temp", sequence));
    SequenceAnnotationGenerator.SelectionRange selectionRange = new SequenceAnnotationGenerator.SelectionRange(0, 0, 0, sequence.length() - 1);
    List<List<SequenceAnnotation>> characteristicAnnotations;
    Options annealingCharacteristicOptions = generator.getOptions(new AnnotatedPluginDocument[] {apdDoc}, selectionRange);
    characteristicAnnotations = generator.generateAnnotations(selectionRange, ProgressListener.EMPTY, annealingCharacteristicOptions, apdDoc);
    String tm = characteristicAnnotations.get(0).get(0).getQualifierValue("Tm");
    //other characteristics such as hairpin can be retrieved here
    return Double.parseDouble(tm.split("-")[0]);

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