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Regarding RestFul API call through plugin

We have created one plugin in which we are authenticating the user using RESTFUL API call. the problem is we are not able to fire a api call from plugin.

I m using Apache hhtpclient-4.3-beta1 jar and i have added in geneious lib as well as in jre folder.

But my code got stuck when i m initaializing HTTP class object.

Could you please help ???

It's urgent!!!!

Tudbinderjit Singh

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Hi Tudbinderjit,

Unfortunately we cannot help with third party libraries as that is not our area of expertise. In these cases your best bet is to contact the maintainer of those libraries.

For help with Apache HTTP Client you can ask on their mailing list.

Another popular forum for getting help on common third party libraries is StackOverflow. Just make sure that you describe the problem clearly and add the tag apache-httpclient-4.x.


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