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Make the identifiers (PFAM, InterPro, ...) clickable in InterProScan results displayed

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Geneious User:


I've been using the "Find Protein Domains With InterproScan" plugin in Geneious, that work very well!

I just do have a question/feature request for the plugin:
when I click on one of the annotated domain, a yellow popup is displayed with many information from the InterProScan result, such as:

Name: Inhibitor_I9
Type: Pfam
Length: 83
Interval: 34-116
Database: PFAM
Id: PF05922
Name: Inhibitor_I9
InterPro ID: IPR010259
InterPro NameL Proteinase inhibitor I9
InterPro Type: Domain

Would it be possible to make the identifiers linkable, so that I can go to the PFAM, InterPro, ... webpages in 1 click.
For now, I have to write it down, then go to the corresponding website, and then type it in.
It makes the process cumbersome when I have several hundred sequences...

Many thanks, and congrats for Geneious and this great plugin!

Geneious User:

Hi Laurent - Yes, I'd like to have that too but I remember having some problem implementing it.

Does anyone at Biomatters know if a SequenceAnnotationQualifier can hold html? I think not, but perhaps that has changed recently.

Geneious Support:

Hi Mike,

Yes you can put URLs in SequenceAnnotationQualifiers and Geneious will display them as clickable hyperlinks. I can't remember when we added support to Geneious for that, but I think it was a while ago.

You can manually type in a URL for the value of an annotation qualifier using the Geneious user interface. Doing it from a plugin will work the same way. Can you try again and us know what the problem is.

Geneious User:

I don't know if this will help you but you can export all of the InterPro annotations in the form of a table and then import it into a spreadsheet. If you can somehow insert this text:
immediately in front of the IPR terms and make it clickable (somehow). You should then have a big table with all the information and clickable links going out to the interpro database. I don't know enough excel-foo to tell you how to insert the url though...

Geneious User:

Yeah, seems like we discussed this some time ago. I just tried it works. I now have clickable links for the Interpro terms. I'll send an updated plugin this evening.
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