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Problem with Web Linking to Data in Geneious


I am having an issue with Web Linking to Data in Geneious.

I have a Java Servlet that I am using to search vectors in a LIMS database.

As part of the main view I have added a link for users to be able open vectors in Geneious using a link:

This URL will generate a GenBank format file on the fly from the LIMS database.

The URL alone works fine in a browser and will successfully return a Genbank file.

The link to open in Geneious also work locally in my development environment but fails when deployed using Tomcat.

When I use the Geneious link under Tomcat deployment I get a HTTP 403 error in Geneious (see screenshot).

This was working with a previous version of Geneious but has stopped working with my current version (2020.0.5).

Has anything changed in the way the way that Geneious creates the request for URL that gets passed in?

Are the HTTP headers different? Or is this a problem with how I have deployed my servlet?

Many thanks,

James Morris

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I'm not aware of any changes around that in recent versions. Do you have some logging on the server side? I'd suggest logging the call on the server side so you can check why 403 is being returned.

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