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Fields still editable although editable is set to false



  • Geneious Team

    Thanks for letting us know. Unfortuantely you've discovered a bug where under some conditions it does not show a warning.

    If you add the field using AnnotatedPluginDocument.setFieldValue then the bug happens. However, if you are able to add your field to the PluginDocument when it is being created before it is wrapped in an AnnotatedPluginDocument, then it works.

    For example, if you are working with a DefaultSequenceDocument which extends AbstractPluginDocument, you can use AbstractPluginDocument.addDisplayableField followed by AbstractPluginDocument.setFieldValue and then it should work correctly.

    We've fixed the bug for the next major release.

    Best regards,

  • Anne Mund

    Hi Matt,

    thanks for letting me know. I'll see if I can use the workaround you described. I'm modifying an already existing AnnotatedPluginDocument at that point, so it might be complicated.

    Do you know when the next major release is coming out?



  • Geneious Team

    We don't have an exact date yet, but the plan is for an R12 beta around September and the full release about a month after that.


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