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Questions about SequenceAnnotationGeneratorResult behavior

I have a few questions about how SequenceAnnotationGeneratorResults are handled:

1. What is the order of operations for processing a SequenceAnnotationGeneratorResult?  Does Geneious process the list of AnnotationsToAdd first and then the list of AnnotationsToDelete, or vice versa?  Or are they processed as a single queue based on the order they were added?

2. Is there an exception thrown if an annotation that is not already on the sequence is added to the list of AnnotationsToDelete?

3. If the same object is added twice to the list of AnnotationsToAdd, is the second annotation ignored or is a copy added to the sequence?

Eric Van Name

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Hi Eric,

Good questions. I've updated our documentation for the next release to state what happens in those situations.

1. All AnnotationsToDelete are applied before AnnotationsToAdd.
2. If you try to delete an annotation that doesn't exist, Geneious will silently ignore it.
3. It will add duplicate annotations to the sequence.

Hilary Miller 0 votes
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