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Generating a text file as custom plugin output

I have begun working on a custom plugin that aims to do some counting of mapping results based on the contents of a SequenceAlignmentDocument and would like to output a tab separated text file as output.  Ideally this would exist as a file object within a Geneious working folder that could be exported.  Is there a native PluginDocument type I should use?  When mapping, an Assembly Report gets generated and this is more or less the sort of thing im looking to output, just without any markup or links.  

Michael Graham

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Unfortunately we don't have a built-in document type for this yet.

The best way to implement this would be to create a new subclass of AbstractPluginDocument that stores the data with an associated exporter and/or viewer for getting the data out. However, this is a lot of work so your best bet is probably to save a csv file straight to disk outside of Geneious.

We are working on a new document type that can be used to store, view and export text or html which would suit your needs and save you a lot of work.  I've put in a feature request and you can update your plugin to make use of the new document type when it's available.

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