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Replace built-in functionality with plugin

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Geneious User:


I wonder if it is posible to replace the built-in "Back Translate..." command with my own plugin. I other words, is there a way to deactivate the "Back Translate..." command in the "Sequence" menu?

And while I'm at it: is there a certain reason why Geneious uses the backtranambig.exe rather than backtranseq.exe?


Geneious Support:

Hi JP,

Yes you could replace the current built in one with your own plugin. You can turn off any plugin by going to Tools -> Plugins and clicking on the "Customize Feature Set" button. This will bring up a Window where you can disable or enable any plugin that is currently installed.

Our "Back Translate" command is part of the EMBOSS tools plugin. However keep in mind that if you turn this off it will turn off all the other operations provided by this plugin.

The developer who chose backtranambig has since left the company so unfortunately I can't tell you why it was chosen over backtranseq. I've added a request on your behalf for the plugin to include that as well as backtranambig.
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