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Opening multiple files using a Web Link


Can you tell me if it is possible to open Geneious with multiple files using a single web link?

I am currently using geneious://file=<PathToFile> style links to allow scientists to open GenBank files stored in an internal LIMS database in Geneious.

I am using a web server I created that on request can return a GenBank file stored in the database as plain text.

The downloaded GenBank file can then be opened in Geneious successfully, this is currently working for a single file.

However I would like to be able to provide Geneious with multiple files in the same way as is possible with URNs.

I have tried the following approach:


But this did not work, as only the first file was loaded.

Would a possible solution be to concatenate Sequences in a single GenBank file instead?

Thanks very much for your help,


James Morris

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Hi James,

Currently Geneious does not support importing multiple files using geneious://file=...&file=... links but your idea of concatenating all of your sequences into a single file on the web server should work for you.



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