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Batch imported GenBank sequence rename to original filename stored in metadata

I am looking for a possibility to rename files through a workflow with a property stored in the metadata. In this case it is the original file name.

I have looked through the batch rename, however this doesnt allow to rename the file name according to the additional metadata.

The input files are GenBank format, generated by antiSMASH.
the filename is for example: P5-A9_S7_2.region014.gbk
The name of the file after import of the sequence in GeneiousPrime becomes P5-A9_S7_2.

Is there any way to do batch rename to replace current filename in geneious Prime with the value stored in column called "Filename (Imported Form)"?

Matiss Maleckis

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Hi Matiss, 

the option to replace the 'Name' with the 'Filename (Imported From)' field should be available in the Batch Rename operation.

If it is not there I'd advise you to contact support and attach some of the documents you are trying to rename, so that we can have a closer look.

Jonas Kuhn
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Hi Jonas,

Thank you, it worked perfectly when not doing it through the workflow option!


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