What should I do if Geneious Prime crashes or behaves strangely?

If Geneious Prime offers to send an error report to us, please provide as much detail as possible and click Send. Take note of the incident number if you wish to check with us on the status of the problem. Alternatively, submit a support request via our support website. Please include any details that may be relevant and your crash.log file if there is one. If the crash involved importing of a file it would be very helpful if you send us the file as well. You can find the crash.log file in your Geneious Data folder (Geneious X.Y Data, where X.Y is the Geneious version - usually located in your home directory).   

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    Tomas Vogels


    My Geneious prime (the free trial version), keeps crashing. I dont get the option to send a report, the program just suddenly closes down without notice.

    I'd been using Geneious since last week wednesday I believe, and had downloaded a very large amount of irrelevant data with the NCBI function. Today i decided to delete it all when the programme asked me a question which I disregarded as one of those pop-up questions 'are you sure?'. I think it was a notification that the amount of files I was deleting was very big. Either way, it takes a while to delete the files, and suddenly it shuts down. I restart, get a notification that the deleting process is about 55% done, when it shuts down again. I resart a couple of times, each time it shuts down within moments.
    So i decided to just find my data, copy it and reinstall geneious. So I uninstalled Geneious, re-installed it, but it keeps crashing.

    Do you have an idea what might be happening here?

    Thank you.

    After restarting another x amount of times i got the error message that there was not enough memory available. I'll try to fix this first.


    I never got a new message of memory being a problem after a while. So i suggest to people having the same problem to reinstall, delete all Geneious data, maybe make a copy of it first, and then to re-upload it to a newly installed version.

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