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Error - Failed to import from URL


I hope you can help me with the following error:

"Failed to import from URL - Reason: None of the TrustManagers trust this certificate chain"

For context I have a web server that brings back genbank files from a database.

I am using this web server to create an 'open in Geneious' link which looks something like:


This works for http but not https where I get the above error.

Do you know how can I get this to work for htttps?

I noticed there is now an advanced option - SSL.CustomTrustedCertificates

Can I use this option to set the cert for my webserver? If I can could you give me an example of how to use this option please

Or is there a way to add my cert directly to the Geneious jre?

Thanks very much,








James Morris

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Hi James, 

This error can occur if your institute has some kind of SSL proxy server intercepting https traffic.  To fix the error you may need to paste a copy of the custom root certificate that is installed in the Trusted Root CA store on your machine into the SSL.CustomTrustedCertificates preference.  I'd suggest you speak with your IT department about how to get a copy of the certificate.

To add it to the preferences, click the Edit button and in the Value Box paste in the certificate contents (you should be able to open the certificate in a text editor to paste from).  

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