Geneious Prime is slow or frequently runs out of memory

Geneious Prime has pretty high memory and CPU requirements, and is no longer supported on 32-bit operating systems.  For analysing NGS data, we recommend a minimum of 16GB of RAM for handling these datasets, but much more than this may be required depending on the size of your genome, size of your datasets and type of analysis you are performing. 

Geneious Prime should automatically allocate itself the maximum amount of RAM possible - this is typically about 2 GB less that the total amount of RAM your computer has.  It is not generally possible to set how much RAM a particular operation will use, but if you are frequently running into memory issues we suggest checking the following:

1. Check that you are using an appropriate algorithm or analysis for your dataset.  See “Why is my alignment taking so long?” and other questions under the Geneious Functionality category.

2. Check how much memory Geneious is actually using in the Memory Usage Bar under the Sources panel. If Geneious seems to be using a lot of memory even when you are not running analyses, you may need to check that the Indexer isn’t running, or force a garbage collection to free up unused memory by clicking on the memory bar.  See “Why does Geneious appear to be using lots of memory when I’m not running any analyses?”.  


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