How do I backup my Shared Database or Geneious Server Database?

The Backup action in Geneious should not be used for taking a complete backup of a shared database, instead use the appropriate approach below.

If you wish to archive data to keep the size of the database down, the simplest option is to export folders or documents from Geneious in .geneious format and save them in a safe place. To restore, drag and drop the .geneious file back in to the database in Geneious.

For a standard (direct SQL connection) Shared Database, we recommend taking regular backups of your Shared Database using the standard backup procedure for your choice of SQL database (such as pg_dump).  The database will continue running while this process happens and end users can continue accessing it from Geneious.

For a Geneious Server Database, there are two parts to backup - the SQL database, and the server data on the server's file system:

  1. Backup the sql database using the standard backup procedure for your choice of SQL database. The default SQL database name is ”geneiousserver” but the actual name used is specified in the configuration file found in
  2. Backup the following directory on the Geneious Server:
    /home/HOSTNAME/.geneiousServerX.Ydata, where ”HOSTNAME” is the actual host name of the computer, and ”X.Y” is the major and minor version number of Geneious Server, for example ”11.1” if running version 11.1.5. This directory contains the contents of Geneious documents that are too large to store completely in the SQL database.



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