Geneious Floating License Manager download links and installation instructions

Floating licenses should be activated in the Geneious Floating License Manager, not in Geneious itself.  The Floating License Manager (FLM) is a FLEXnet license server and must be installed on a server with a fixed IP address that all Geneious client computers can connect to.  You will be prompted to activate your license during the FLM installation.  

Once the Floating License Manager is installed, download and install Geneious on each computer that will be using the software.   Note that the version of the FLM available at the links below is only compatible with Geneious Prime 2019.2.3 and later.  If you have a perpetual floating license for an earlier version of Geneious, please contact support to get the correct FLM installer for your version. 

To connect Geneious to the Floating License Manager, start Geneious and go to Help-Activate License.  Check "Use floating license server" and enter the address and port (default 27001) for the computer where the Floating License Manager was installed.  

You must have both ports (default 27001 and 49630) open on the client machines in order to connect to the license manager.  

Floating License Manager Installers

Floating License Manager User Manual

MacOS is not recommended for installing the Floating License Manager on, but if you are unable to install it on Windows or Linux, please contact us directly for a macOS installer and instructions.  Note, the Geneious Floating license manager is currently NOT compatible with MacOS Catalina.

* The Windows installer is not signed so you may get a warning from Windows Defender. This can be bypassed by clicking "More info".

Note: if you received your license key as a text file you do not need the floating license manager. This type of license should be activated directly in Geneious using the "License key" option.  


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