Can I use Windows Authentication to log into my Shared Database?

Windows authentication can be used with Microsoft SQL Server Shared Databases without installing an additional driver in Geneious Prime 2019.2.1 onwards.  

To use this option, select Microsoft SQL Server as your database type and check Use Windows authentication. 


If you wish to use Windows Authentication in Geneious Prime 2019.1.3 and earlier you need to install the Microsoft JDBC Driver and specify a custom connection URL in the Shared Database connection settings.  To do this, follow these steps: 

1. Download the driver package from and extract it to somewhere on your computer.

2. Locate the correct dll for your version of Geneious.  It is named sqljdbc_auth.dll and should be located under [extracted folder]\enu\auth\[arch] where [arch] is x86 if you are running 32 bit Geneious or x64 if you are running 64 bit Geneious.  This dll must be copied into one of the following:

  • C:\Windows\system32
  • Geneious installation directory (this may need to be re-applied if Geneious is re-installed)

3. Change your connection options so that they match the image below.  Make sure to substitute your server's host name and your database name for [yourservername] and [yourdatabasename] in the example.  The Driver .jar file must point to the sqljdbc4.jar file that was included in the downloaded package.


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