How to use an NCBI API key for NCBI Search & Blast

From version 11.1 onwards, Geneious Prime will support the use of an NCBI API key for accessing NCBI services.  An API key enables more requests per second to NCBI, meaning users with a key may in some cases be able to run searches on NCBI databases more quickly, and get faster batch downloads.  

NCBI enabled this functionality on December 1, 2018. 

To get an API key, you need an NCBI account.  Once you have registered your account, go into your account settings by clicking your user name, and then request your key under "API KeyManagement".  

To use the key in Geneious, go to Tools - Preferences - NCBI and enter the key, ensuring there are no spaces, then click OK.  


Geneious Prime will then automatically use this when you search NCBI databases, either via BLAST or the NCBI Search services.  


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