How do I export publication-quality images?

You can export graphics from Geneious Prime using File→Save As Image File.... If you are exporting the file in .jpg or .png format the default resolution is quite low, so you should increase this to about 400% to make the image look good when printed. JPG and PNG images are made up of dots so don’t scale well. For scaleable graphics, PDF or EPS are good choices. SVG is also scaleable and has the ability to be edited in tools such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.  EMF (Geneious 6.0+) can be edited on Windows using PowerPoint, or LibreOffice Draw on Mac or Linux (the Mac version of PowerPoint can’t modify EMF files). Using SVG or EMF will allow users to tweak the graphic, and add annotations and still have the image scale nicely because it is a vector graphic.

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