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Geneious R9-R11 Catalina/Big Sur Licensing Fix



  • Carlos Kikuti

    Hello Richard, I installed the latest version of Geneious Prime in my new iMac (Big Sur), but licensing isn't working ("Unknown error"). When trying to run the patch it tells me "/Applications/Geneious is not a valid Geneious App and will not be patched". I am working behind a firewall, but I put the proxy in the Geneious settings, and licensing still doesn't work. I have it running just fine in my old MacBook (High Sierra) so I don't think there is anything being blocked by our firewall. Is there anything else that I could try? Thanks for your efforts, I hope I'll be able to continue using Geneious...

  • Hilary Miller

    Hi Carlos, please contact us directly with your license details. The licensing patch is not required for Geneious Prime 2021, it is only for Geneious versions 9-11.

  • Alexis Maizel

    On macOS 12.1 (Monterey), to fix the "Geneious is damaged and can't be opened" error, open the terminal and type: xattr -rc /Applications/

    This fixed the issue for me. It may work on macOS 11.4


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