How do I change the start position or numbering of my sequence?

 To change the position of the origin of your circular sequence, or to change the numbering on a linear sequence, select your sequence and go to Sequence->Change Residue Numbering.


On a circular sequence this function can be used to shift the origin of the sequence to a different location.


On a linear sequence this can be used to indicate that the sequence is a subsequence of a larger sequence; to number a sequence with respect to a particular location (ie make the start of a gene base 1); or to reverse the numbering of a sequence. This will introduce two numbering systems into your linear sequence: the original numbering (Standard), and the numbering that you have specified (Source).

For example, the sequence below has been renumbered according to its position within a genome, where it is in the reverse orientation between bases 5,683 and 6,459. 


The new numbering is shown underneath the original numbering.  


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