Whats the difference between a Personal license, a Group license, and a Floating License?

A personal plan is for an individual’s use only so you will need a separate license for each user. Geneious Prime can be activated on up to two of the license holder’s computers (eg. at home and at work), but will only run on one at a time.

A group plan is for teams where you have multiple users running Geneious on different computers.  The number of seats purchased equals the number of Geneious installations that can be activated and run on different computers at any one time.  Group licenses are only compatible with Geneious Prime 2020.2 and later.  

floating plan is for organizations who require a site license and are able to host and administer a centralized license server to serve licenses to their users.  Geneious can be installed on as many machines as you wish, and the number of simultaneous users allowed is determined by the number of seats you purchase.  If you require a floating license please contact our sales team directly.  



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