What can I submit with the Genbank Submission plugin?

The Genbank submission tool implements BankIT and is thus only designed for simple submissions of a small number of sequences from mRNA, genomic DNA, ncRNA, mitochondria, chloroplasts, plasmids, and some viral or phage genomes.

Sets of sequences from ribosomal RNA (rRNA), rRNA-ITS, and metazoan mitochondrial COX1 can also be submitted via Geneious.

If your submission fails with these types of sequences please contact support.


What you can't submit via Geneious

  • Larger genomes requiring Locus_tag or BioProject registration such as bacterial and eukaryotic chromosomes
  • Sets of sequences from Influenza, Norovirus, Dengue or SARS-CoV-2. These should be submitted through the Genbank Submission Portal
  • ESTs (Expressed Sequence Tags)
  • STSs (Sequence Tagged Sites)
  • GSSs (Genome Survey Sequences)
  • HTGs (High-Throughput Genomic Sequences)
  • WGS (Whole Genome Shotgun Sequences)
  • TSA (Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly Sequences)
  •  Raw sequencing reads from next-generation sequencing platforms 

For information on submitting these types of sequences, see the NCBI website.


The following data is not accepted by GenBank:

  • Noncontiguous sequences
  • Primer sequences
  • Protein sequences with no underlying nucleotide submission
  • Sequence containing a mix of genomic and mRNA sequence
  • Sequences without a physical counterpart (consensus sequences)
  • Sequences with length less than 200 nucleotides


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