Windows Users: Geneious Prime 2020 and above will not support 32-bit Windows

Geneious Prime will no longer run on 32-bit Windows operating systems from version 2020 onwards (scheduled for release late 2019). To continue using the latest version of Geneious Prime, users of 32-bit Windows will need to upgrade to a 64-bit operating system. People who are unable to upgrade at this time should continue using Geneious Prime 2019.

Additionally, installers for the 32-bit version of Geneious Prime will no longer be available for version 2020 onwards. This means any users on 64-bit Windows will have to run 64-bit Geneious Prime.  If you are not sure what version of Geneious Prime you are using, check under Help -> About Geneious Prime.  

Am I running 32-bit Windows and how do I upgrade if so?

Please refer to this Microsoft article: 32-bit and 64-bit Windows: Frequently asked questions.

Where can I download previous versions of Geneious Prime for 32-bit?

From our Previous Versions page.

Why is this happening?

Maintaining 32-bit support has become difficult because of the increasingly restricted support that is available for 3rd party tools that Geneious relies on. Most notably, the latest releases of Java do not support 32-bit systems and as a result we currently have to bundle Geneious 32-bit with an old version of Java that is known to have bugs that are addressed in later releases.

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