Can I store my database on an external drive or a network drive?

External Drives (USB etc): These are generally safe for storing your data but performance may be slower depending on the type of drive and connection it uses. This option can be used to share data between computers, just be sure to shutdown Geneious and safely eject the drive before unplugging the drive. External drives are also great for storing backups in a separate location.

Cloud Storage (Dropbox, Google Drive etc): We strongly advise against storing Geneious data directly in a cloud storage folder because data can easily become corrupted. Cloud storage is fine for storing backups if you have the capability to upload.

Network Drives (Samba, NFS etc): We do not recommend storing your data directly on a network drive because they generally have very slow performance and data loss can occur if not configured correctly. If your institute requires you to store data on a network then see if you can get your IT department to set up a Geneious Shared Database instead. However, network drives are good for storing backups of your data.
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